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Greensboro, NC


Clothing, Accessories, and Game Day Wares in your favorite school colors.

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Lori Gray

Well, it's almost that time again. Dana and I are headed to market in search of fun wares to share with you. Some would think this is the most miserable thing to do...spend 2 days shopping, but it is way more than that. We get girl time which is so much fun. Dana says it's an ab workout and I definitely agree. There is so much laughter, its our favorite. We do get a lot done, we see lots of new goods, buy lots of fun things that remind us of our friends. Sometimes, we even take a friend. This is the case on this trip. Our friend, Andi, will be making the voyage once again. Yes, again, she wanted to go back! We took her on our last buying trip in July and I guess she thought it was fun. So you should definitely stay in touch over the next week or so. Follow us on facebook, twitter @WearItWithFlair, or instagram ClassyCollegiateGirls and see what kind of fun we have on our trip and maybe get a sneak peak at what we are buying. Andi is in charge of pics so it should be good! Hang on tight! It's gonna be fun!