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Greensboro, NC


Clothing, Accessories, and Game Day Wares in your favorite school colors.

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Lori Gray

Dana and I love Classy Collegiate and our customers, many of whom are our friends too. We also love to laugh. It may be our favorite thing to do. If you follow us on social media, you surely see our ability to bring our own happy wherever we go. That is one of our core beliefs. We actually have 3 core beliefs for life...1)Bring your own happy 2)Spread joy and 3)Be kind. Over the next few months, you may see some changes, on our website and the way we do business, that reflect these core beliefs. We hope they will bring a smile to your sweet faces and to those around you if you choose to share. Please share your ideas with us as well. We are always looking for new ways to spread joy.