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Greensboro, NC


Clothing, Accessories, and Game Day Wares in your favorite school colors.

Latest News

A look inside...

Lori Gray

Dana and I love Classy Collegiate and our customers, many of whom are our friends too. We also love to laugh. It may be our favorite thing to do. If you follow us on social media, you surely see our ability to bring our own happy wherever we go. That is one of our core beliefs. We actually have 3 core beliefs for life...1)Bring your own happy 2)Spread joy and 3)Be kind. Over the next few months, you may see some changes, on our website and the way we do business, that reflect these core beliefs. We hope they will bring a smile to your sweet faces and to those around you if you choose to share. Please share your ideas with us as well. We are always looking for new ways to spread joy. 


You may want to follow us...

Lori Gray

Well, it's almost that time again. Dana and I are headed to market in search of fun wares to share with you. Some would think this is the most miserable thing to do...spend 2 days shopping, but it is way more than that. We get girl time which is so much fun. Dana says it's an ab workout and I definitely agree. There is so much laughter, its our favorite. We do get a lot done, we see lots of new goods, buy lots of fun things that remind us of our friends. Sometimes, we even take a friend. This is the case on this trip. Our friend, Andi, will be making the voyage once again. Yes, again, she wanted to go back! We took her on our last buying trip in July and I guess she thought it was fun. So you should definitely stay in touch over the next week or so. Follow us on facebook, twitter @WearItWithFlair, or instagram ClassyCollegiateGirls and see what kind of fun we have on our trip and maybe get a sneak peak at what we are buying. Andi is in charge of pics so it should be good! Hang on tight! It's gonna be fun!

Office Hours and Stuff

Lori Gray

So, we are considerably slack. Our ability to update the latest news has not existed...until now. Get ready friends! Our goal is to post news every week. We are also adding office hours where you can stop by and visit. Every Thursday, from 10am-12pm in the warehouse, we will be working or laughing, probably both. The other thing we will be getting into, are new treasures that have arrived in the warehouse. I guess this should be considered a warning too...if you do stop by, you might find yourself in a photo shoot. We cut your head off so don't be afraid to come as you are. We will just slap a scarf on you and tell you to be still. Quick and painless. We pay in coffee and laughs.


Dana and Lori

Market Fun and Findings

Lori Gray

If you follow us on facebook, you know we were very busy at the Atlanta Market.  Of course, we had a great time too because we take our fun with us wherever we go.  Laughing is our absolute favorite...we do it as much as possible.  But enough of that, I bet you'd love to know what we learned, saw and bought for you;).  One trend we saw a lot of was spent ammo, yes ammo as in bullets.  We bought some great stuff for our Token Dude section and are hoping to have it by Valentines Day.  You'll be the first to know when it arrives!  From leather sunglass straps to leather catchalls and even some leather coasters, all embellished with a spent Remington bullet.  And you should also know, the company we bought from is really superfantastic.  

Want to hear about the baubles we found for you?  Let's talk convertible necklaces.  They are really beautiful and may be my personal favorite find at market.  You can wear them short or long. We affectionately named them "The Long and Short Of It".  They are available now on our website.  Also be on the lookout for new bangles, lots of tortoise(we love tortoise), enamel hoops and yes, even watches!  

Of course we bought scarves too.  They are a great way to dress up your favorite tee.  Take a gander at our scarf offerings.  Don't forget, our sweater knit infinity scarves can be worn as a vest too...there are pictures on the website.  So fun!  

And finally, we have added socks to the mix.  They aren't here just yet but they are awesome and oh so much fun!  We love them with our clear rain boots.  Wait til you see them!  

Check back with us often as new goods are added frequently and follow us on facebook to see what's new and what kind of nonsense we are up to.

Dana and Lori